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Hostel Grup, S.L. having its registered address at 08007 Barcelona, Calle Valencia 261, entlo. 2ª, holder of the website, is also the holder of the database generated with the personal information supplied by the users of the website.
The information included in said database is used for both the correct identification of users that request customised services from our web site and for statistical and/or commercial purposes, with the use of email or other means to fulfil said purposes. The user authorises the automatic treatment of personal data provided for the lending of requested services or to the aim of advertising or market research performed by Hostel Grup, S.L. The user accepts the terms and conditions by clicking on the SEND button in the personal information form, or by gaining access to restricted sections (should these exist) by means of the username/password facilitated by Hostel Grup, S.L.
Hostel Grup, S.L has adopted the technical, organisational and safety measures to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the information provided, in compliance with the Organic Act 15/1999 of December 13 on the treatment of personal information and other applicable legislation. The user will be responsible for providing truthful information, whereby Hostel Grup, S.L reserves the right to exclude any user that has provided false information from the registered services.

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