Machinery and solutions
for catering


Our quality policy is established by the director board at HOSTELGRUP, S.L and is supported by a Quality System as per norm ISO UNE-EN-ISO 9001 for the activities it performs in terms of: Design, installation management, and supply of machinery and bar, restaurant, and food industry accessories.

Client focus:

  • The quality of our products and services is one of the core elements that position our company on a renowned market standard.
  • Our products and services must satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients as well as applicable legal and regulatory requirements..
  • We must maintain a system and set of control norms that ensure all our products and services are satisfactory from the first try.
  • Our clients' needs must be known in order to provide them with the appropriate products and services.


  • We must ensure that all personnel have the capacity and training needed to successfully fulfil their duty.
  • A professional human team, working as a team, trained, educated and motivated to meet the established requirements will ensure that we reach our goals.

Continuous improvement:

  • To know and understand the capacities of our suppliers, and ensure that they understand, respect and fulfil our needs in terms of products, services and logistics.
  • We must make available all the necessary means for collecting suggestions and deviations, as well as client complaints, in order to solve them and set in place the necessary actions to inform our system and avoid their reoccurrence, therefore continuously improving the efficiency of our quality system and successfully achieving total quality for our clients.

The Quality System, for which everyone is responsible, is issued by the Director Board and receives the total support of the same in providing the necessary resources.
Satisfactory fulfilment of the Quality System is a top priority aim for our group.

As improving results is the company's aim, the Director Board sets objectives in accordance with this policy. These objectives themselves are reviewed and assessed yearly.

Director Board