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for catering

Restaurant Vinitus en Barcelona por Hostel Grup


Understanding others is intelligent; understanding oneself is wise.

Our objective is to receive feedback, since it helps us to improve and offer more efficient solutions. Our priority is to listen to our clients and evaluate their projects rigorously.



What’s good, if brief, is twice as good.

Our ultimate goal is to maximise results and reduce our timescales at the same time, always seeking efficiency and effectiveness, and always maintaining quality control.


The product of our professional background and constant improvement.

We provide unconditional support to the creation of new concepts, offering our clients the best solutions for all types of projects.


We lead by example.

If you don't know for who you work, you don't know your craft. This is why we love the world of the cuisine and we are proud to work for it.



Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

And we are willing. We are always ready to find efficient solutions and offer alternatives to our customers, promoting the values of teamwork.


A deed, not just a word.

We offer a firm commitment with one common objective: to satisfy our clients and meet with all quality requirements.


Restaurant Disfrutar Barcelona

Eduard Xatruc, Oriol Castro and Mateu Casanyes

Machinery and integral solutions for restaurants and catering businesses Integral solutions for catering and restaurants

With 25 years experience, Hostel Grup has a long trajectory in terms of industrial kitchen installation and catering technology.




Organisation, scheduling and control of resources to reach the objective proposed by the client for any project.

Servicio de acabado de Hostel Grup


All work project coordination is carried out within the quality control parameters established by the ISO 9001 regulations...



Suministramos e instalamos todo tipo de maquinaria para hostelería con los certificados de calidad y CE.


Client training

Health and safety standards for machinery use. Hygiene and maintenance of the equipment to avoid future breakdowns.

Servicio Postventa de Hostel Grup

Post-sales service

International coverage for post-sales service. There is a one-year WARRANTY on all our installations.